Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broomstick Skirt

I finally finished the skirt for a friend of mine! Here's some pictures of the skirt along with a little tutorial on the method I used to broomstick it. Hope you enjoy.

Here's a before picture of the skirt. Cute, isn't it?

Now, this method is a little different the kinds most people use, but I find it makes the tucks come out way more evenly and it also dries quicker. To start the first thing you need is a 6" diameter 4 1/2' pipe, a rubber band, and an old pair of nylons. To start, the skirt needs to be quite damp, after washing it is the best time to brromstick it. Start by putting the skirt over the pipe and rubber banding the waist so it won't move.

Next cut off one of the legs of the nylons, then gently work it over the top of the pipe and onto the skirt making sure to keep the fabric evenly spaced.

Now this part is the most time consuming. Carefully pull the nylon down a little at a time and pull out the tucks on the skirt to make them even.

Set the pipe and skirt aside for a couple of days and let dry. Once you're sure the skirt is dried out completely, it's time to take it off!

And there you are, broomstick skirt. Let me know what you think!