Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snowman Jumper

Okay, so I'm majorly overdue for a new post!  Let's just say things have been more than crazy in my life for a long time.  And because of this, I really haven't done very much sewing.  I really miss it too, as it is a big stress reliever for me.

Anyway, I had wanted this to be done in January, and to be able to make a second one for my older daughter.  But, that's not going to happen because while the rest of the country still seems to be stuck in winter, Colorado is gearing up for Spring, and all our snow has been gone for almost a month!  Little one's are in need of springtime clothes now, not winter ones.
 I used an out of print McCalls pattern this time.  Knowing how huge Big Three patterns tend to come out, I made size 1 for my 21 month old.  The length is perfect, but the shoulders are still huge to the point that one side is always trying to fall off.

 I didn't have matching buttons, so I found some coordinating ones in my stash, and am very happy with how they look.
 The pattern was very easy to put together, and once I started working on it, I was able to get it finished very quickly.
 This little one absolutely loves snowmen, so I knew she'd love this dress.  She asked to wear it two days in a row, and would have worn it again if it hadn't been dirty!
The flannel was given to me, and I'm still in awe of just how perfectly the pieces fit on it.  I couldn't have made a bigger size if I had wanted too!

Hopefully, you'll be seeing more posts coming up soon as I have a lot of sewing I need to get done this spring before #3 arrives in June. :)