Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Maternity Skirt!

I came across a really neat idea for making maternity skirts last month from reading this article on a blog that I follow. Four and a half months along, and I can only fit into one of my everyday pre-pregnancy skirts, so I decided it's time make my first real maternity skirt. Unfortunately, I only had one skirt that was a candidate. This sweat-skirt that I bought from NewCreation Apparel a few years ago:
The elastic waistband has always been rather tight, and I figured it'd probably be too tight for comfort after the baby is born anyway. The rest of the skirt is very stretching and wonderfully comfortable.

There's a pocket on the back of the skirt that I didn't want to lose, so I couldn't cut it straight across the hips as directions said. So I gave the front a nice rounded down angle instead.

For the maternity band, instead of using an old camisole, I used the shelf bra that had been cut out of a camisole. It is actually the perfect size, and has a wonderful elastic band across the top. :-D

I've also been borrowing my mother-in-law's serger and decided to use that instead of zigzagging it to the skirt. I figured since both fabrics are so stretchy, it would be more stable that way. Unfortunately, the serger stitching didn't want to stretch, so I had to stretch out the fabric as I sewed. That's why it looks so bumpy. But it's perfectly smooth when I wear it! And that's what matters, right. ;-)

I can't believe how comfortable this skirt is to wear now. I can't wait until I can make some more!