Friday, September 21, 2012

Inconsistanies with the clothing industry

Excuse me if I have to have a little rant here. This week I was able to go shopping at Target and get some much needed winter clothes for my girls. Most everything I bought for my 17 month old were 18 month sized, but I did have to get a pair of corduroy pants in 24 months as that was the smallest they came in.  These pants have decorative tabs with a button on the waistline.  You usually see these things used for obtaining a better fit for children's clothes.  However, these one were purely decorative.  When I put the pants on Angel Cakes they were constantly falling down and tripping her.
So I took them off and moved the buttons over and inch or so.  Such an easy fix!  But my biggest question is, why didn't they just put extra buttons on the pants in the first place?!  These pants are meant for fast growing toddlers, it would only make sense.
Especially since they have snaps in the hem to cuff the legs up two more inches.  And that is a great idea!  (Sorry I didn't take a picture of that.)
Here's the happy toddler with pants that actually stay up now!
So there you go.  That's my rant.  I might have to start a series on this if it happens again. :-P