Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Dedication Dress

If you would like to read about the dedication ceremony, you can visit my other blog HERE.

This dress was not actually made my me, it was made by my mother! She is a far more accomplished seamstress that I am, and has recently become interested in heirloom sewing. After our little one was born she naturally then wanted to make her a fancy dedication dress. Most people don't dress their baby girls up this much for a dedication, but we don't do christenings, so there you have it!

I'm afraid I didn't take pictures of the dress before the ceremony, so it's rather wrinkled.
The dress is actually made out of left over fabric from my wedding gown.
Though the ribbon is new.

And what fancy dress like this is complete without a bonnet?
Here I am holding her up to really show it off when we tried it on her for the first time.

A very happy baby!

For the pattern my mom used a christening gown pattern for the base, but then had to downsize it, as it didn't come any smaller than 6 months. She also added the over skirt and ribbons. If I remember correctly, she made up the bonnet pattern entirely! Can I be excused for wanting to brag just a little bit?